About Annual Adventure

Hello there! I’m Tim, and I’m in charge of Annual Adventure. I’m passionate about adventure travel and photography, and after getting questions non-stop about the trips I’ve taken, I created this website to help others do the same.

Tim from Annual Adventure
Adventure Travel in Antarctica

Anyone can take an Annual Adventure!

Not everybody can or wants to quit their jobs and spend their lives traveling the world. Most people save up and take one big vacation every year or two, hence my idea for writing about an Annual Adventure! I want to help people make their vacations truly memorable and more than just relaxing on a beach (not that there’s anything wrong with that…)

I still work a day job in Los Angeles, but I’ve started to make travel a priority. Just 5 years ago,  I had only been a few places in Europe and North America. Now, I’ve visited all 7 continents and over 50 countries, and don’t plan on slowing down any time soon.

My goal is to help anybody who is motivated save up their vacation days (or weeks, or months!) and make their annual trip an adventure, more than their usual getaway. I’m excited to share my travel advice, stories, and photography tips with everyone, so dive in and see what I have to share! Have any questions? Feel free to contact me through social media, comments on my posts or the form on my contact page!



Stick with me, we’re going places!

I hope as you view this site, you become inspired to make every trip an adventure, whether it’s your 2 week yearly vacation or a year-long hiatus from the working world. I’ll help you find the most interesting places you’ve never heard of, plan your trip to meet your budget while remaining comfortable, and capture amazing photos to remember your journey for the rest of your life.